Ways Asynchronous Communication improves your team

Ways Asynchronous Communication improves your team

We're all figuring out async communication in 2020, but there are teams that have been working async for more than 10 years that enjoy an improved team culture. Two themes of Efficiency and Connection arise as key benefits from async communication.

Efficiency 🤓

Over 15% of our time at work is in meetings. Have you ever been in a meeting and thought that you'd be much better off just reading the notes afterwards? Or have you ever been interrupted while deep in work with questions that force you to context switch?

We've certainly felt those moments and have enjoyed shifting to async first communication that enables your teammates and clients to watch on their own time. One of my favorite times of the day is with a cup of coffee, checking all the team updates. Before I've finished my first cup, I have the full context of what my team is working on, what blockers exist, and how I can best help. Moreover, I realize that we've cut out at least two meetings and everyone is in the loop.

Connection 😁

There are so many apps out there that are trying to improve team connection. Most of them focus on synchronous experiences. Apps like Tandem and virtual offices are fantastic for audio rooms and teams that are in the same time zone. But when it comes to team connection, we find that it is much more valuable to get a video from a teammate or client. Seeing their expressions, excitement, tone and smile delivers the human connection we miss in these times of Covid-19.

And sometimes, you just need to have some fun with it 🥳.

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