How to record your screen on a Mac

How to record your screen on a Mac

Recording your screen on a Mac can be done in a number of ways but they are clunky and often require a lot of work to get the recording to look great.

That's why we're excited to show off the new SuperNormal Mac Desktop App. Not only does it make recording as simple as two clicks, but all the power of SuperNormal AI is also available to help people watch what is most important to them.

How to quickly record your screen on your Mac with SuperNormal

After installing the SuperNormal Desktop App:

  1. Click on the tray icon to start recording.
  2. Choose which screen or your entire screen to record
  3. Record your video
  4. Preview your video, update the caption that SuperNormal AI has written for you
  5. Send your SuperNormal to anyone with a link, or post it to your team right inside SuperNormal.

We're excited for you start using SuperNormal with our New Mac Desktop App.