Live transcripts and AI powered highlights for better engagement

Live transcripts and AI powered highlights for better engagement

Whether you are in sales or driving a product vision, communicating with video provides a significant increase in engagement and memory retention. When coupled with a live transcript and highlights, we've seen engagement for teams on SuperNormal increase 85%. Let's dive in and see how it works!

Live Transcript

Consuming video is a very linear process. You can play at 1.5x or even 2x speed if you've had your coffee, but browsing through a video to find the information that you are most interested in is really hard!

SuperNormal AI automatically transcribes what you say in your video and converts it into a Live Transcript. When people watch your videos, they can tap anywhere in the Live Transcript to skip right to the part that is most important for them.

Live Transcript helps you deliver key information to the right people, faster.


As soon as you create your video, SuperNormal AI automatically selects the three most important sentences from your video and suggests them as a caption for your video. It gives you a great quick recap of what you said and encourages you to edit them to deliver the right context to your team or client. When posting a video to your team, your colleagues can very quickly understand if they need to watch the video from browsing the highlights.

Highlights work extremely well when coupled with Slack. After you connect your slack workspace, you can choose a channel for your team videos. They appear in slack with the highlights, instantly giving your team more context about the video.

Create your first video today with live transcription and be a good teammate! SuperNormal is available on Chrome without installing anything, or on our Mac Desktop App.